Rumble Ramble and leaving a company

Rumble Ramble and leaving a company

In recent weeks, I had the pleasure to hear many people talk about their beginnings. The enthusiasm is there, the enthusiasm for the world's next big idea. They have that spirit of evangelization and for all the intentions to share her joy. So how I can find my mind wanders and can not focus on this tirade happy?

1. No message has been clear to me by a linear path to complete failure to understand the curiosity.

If you want my attention, please start with something compelling, and then join me. If you go into every little story about why he did this, and what led to ... look how was the trip and one day several years from now, tell CNN.

2. The commitment is dominated by the need to talk.

The fact that you care about something, does not mean that it is important to me. Once I get with something attractive, and I'm curious, please let me join in the conversation. If you interrupt my questions, argue with me, or say no, but much, or simply just make me feel like you think I'm stupid, they are as annoying as this sentence of 50 words + (I wrote in this way on purpose only to make a point, try to say all in one breath). This is how I feel when you have to get all the points before checking if they are important to me. After all, you want to buy, buy, sell, or talk about it, right? Maybe you should get me on your side?

3. Listen to constructive criticism, not a requirement for the evangelist wrong.

By bringing ideas to market, at some point must stop listening to the counsel for the sake of its release. Once you start, please, listen to smart people who share the good ideas. Even if you never do anything with it, JUST LISTEN! Even if you do not agree, JUST LISTEN! When you argue or doubt, let great ideas on the table. I can not tell you how many times I have not heard what my wife was suggesting, because I was so mad, and what does she know anyway? Well, most of the time that she knew exactly what to do, and usually lose 24-48 hours before I realized he was right.

So many great ideas end up drowning in the stormy sea of ​​more numerous explanations. So many authors noted no statements to create the images of his brilliance in the eye of the listener's mind. This month in my blog I focused on messaging, and it is important to know how to say what you mean. Here is a link to the messages:

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