Security blog - 10 tips to avoid embarrassment and disaster

Security blog - 10 tips to avoid embarrassment and disaster

In this age of instant gratification it is easy to fall into the habit of acting first, think later. With instant communication tools like emails and blogs this trend results may vary in shame only to disaster. You have to think before you blog.

Some recent results and disastrous lack of foresight, when blogs are:

* Students at a private school in New Zealand suspended due to comments made online about their teachers
* Gold Coast student charged as an accomplice after posting a video of a hitting school grounds
* At the University of Pennsylvania, Attorney at Law has a job offer withdrawn after the businessman was a reference to it in a blog.

There are exceptions. Just Google "blog looting" and returned an incredible 449,000 results. "Demand blog" found 17,800,000 results. Cyber ​​bullying has become the scourge of the 21st century, with many hurt feelings and helpless victims.

Google the name of the job seekers is now a common, if not a universal practice of the recruiters. Have you ever posted a comment on a blog you do not want a future employer to see? Because they probably will. What about photos of the game? It may seem a funny if not entirely innocent post today, but how it will appear in the future to an audience who have not even considered yet.

Before thinking about how any message will be received by:

* A future employer
* A future father-in-law
* A lawyer for confrontation
* Your Mother
* Your spouse (current or future)
* Your children (yes, his post could remain accessible during all that time).

Think of a blog as a virtual tattoo - easy to achieve, but difficult if not impossible to remove. An interesting blog can be picked up by other bloggers and re-published. This means that deleting a message from your own blog, does not necessarily mean that it is still in the public domain. Once your out there is out there forever.Here few simple rules you should follow to avoid embarrassment or worse of his ramblings online.

1. Never write something in a blog would not tell potential readers face to face
2. Never post anything you do not want your mother to see, now or in the future.
3. Never send anything negative about another person
4. Never include language courses in a message
5. Never mix alcohol and blogs
6. Never make a post in anger
7. Never post a photo of another person without their permission or the permission of a parent / guardian if the person is an adult
8. Never post explicit images
9. Never send a lecture on any subject when knowledge is lacking - it is better to remain silent and have people think you are ignorant to do a post that shows you are!
10. If in doubt - DON "T.

The Internet and blogs in particular, can be incredibly empowering through information transfer and knowledge building. It can also be very harmful when misused, both white and blogger. Please join the growing ranks of bloggers, the rewards are worth a little effort. But wisely and with caution.

In the end websites help companies improve their profitability by creating websites that actually increase sales, even for companies that have never had an Internet presence.

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