Why Blog Ranting is considered bad SEO

Why Blog Ranting is considered bad SEO

It could come from audio, video, text and many other ways to convey the message. All these things make blogging as an interesting and effective method to convey messages to every Tom, Dick and Harry out there is trying. It is modern and popular is the trend now, so blogging is one of the most popular Internet.

On the other side of the field we have business websites. These are sites that are the channels for use by employers as a primary information and distributor of knowledge about their products and services, new promotions or just general information that the public want to know about the business of the company or policies.

Although both channels are used as a method of communicating information, blogs and business websites can and can not be confused with the same thing. This is mainly due to the fact that blogging is in a completely different level of communication compared to business websites.

In the blogs they often try to be relatable to the audience, the publication and discussion of topics related to the things the public might be interested in learning about and discussing as well. You could say that blogging is a form of communication of information and knowledge in a more personal level. Although business websites do not aspire to similar levels to be relatable to the audience, who tend to be a little more formal in their submissions as they are to the point and tend to avoid small pieces of diatribes tits which is still more focused on blogs in business.

This is ultimately what distinguishes business websites and blogs away. One of them is trying to transmit messages in a more personal approach by leaning beating around the bush with some random ramblings to continue to attract the attention of your visitors, where websites are about business, full of knowledge and information and maintains the information irrelevant to a minimum.

This is why blog rant is bad for SEO, business websites that are very oriented to the search engine optimization, you should not blog type diatribes incorporate in its content. This is because although emotionally connect with the reader is important, when you allow your emotions to take over its content, and begin to wander on the basis of their emotions more than they are focusing on the main theme the end result will repel visitors to your page as they will start to think that your website is not loaded with information package as other competing websites. The decline in visitors, of course, because substantial amounts of damage to the classification of your search engine company. So you really must avoid tirades Blog type if you maintain a good SEO.

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